The most respected band in Toronto are probably post-hardcore/grunge/punk trio Metz. Everyone thinks they’re great, and everyone – for once – is right. We caught up with Alex Edkins from the group to chat about their new (as yet unannounced – watch this space) record, what we could expect from their NXNE show, and metaphorically pushing boats up steep gradients.

Why no debut album yet?!

It’s been a work in progress. We didn’t want to rush things and regret it later. We took our time and made the record we wanted to make. We are really excited about how it turned out and are currently firming up a release date.

Given the wait, surely you owe us a description? Who did you work with?

We were very fortunate to work with a bunch of amazing people on this record. After demoing the record with Leon Taheny (Dusted, Rituals, Bruce Penninsula) we spent a week in a barn with Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck) recording the bed tracks. We came back to Toronto and recorded vocals and overdubs with Alex Bonenfant (Crystal Castles) at Dreamhouse studios. It was a real pleasure to collaborate with people whose work inspires us. Toronto is such a hotbed of talent and we tried to exploit that as much as possible. I would describe the finished product as the audio equivalent of the film Fitzcarraldo by Werner Herzog.

Any other cross cultural masterpieces you’d hazard a comparison to?

None. We like to joke that making this record was like pushing a steamboat over a giant mountain.

How is it being a band very much suited to performing live at a time when – perhaps – that’s not as important to acts’ overall success as at any other point in the last 40 years?

A: I think live performance is as important now as it ever was. If you can’t play live, you’re not gonna last. You might get some blog love for a minute, but that’s not what we’re about. We take great pride in our reputation of being an exciting live band. That being said, we stand behind our recorded material 100%. Our previous demos were us experimenting and finding our footing – the LP is by far the best thing we’ve ever done.

What does it feel like on stage as Metz amongst the mayhem?

It’s like getting knocked out for a minute and when you wake up your guitar is broken and you’re covered in sweat.

Add Metz your festival schedule.