RECORD SHOW: Guest artist Bob Masse announced

Guesting at the Kops Records presents NXNE Record Show 2012 will be renowned artist Bob Masse.

Bob will be sat with copies of his museum-piece concert posters – check out a selection of his work below – for attendees to browse, buy and generally fall in love with. They’re psychedelic, near-perfect distillations of the Woodstock-era mood, and his signature design style has become the definitive aesthetic of the period. We’re sure he’ll also be more than happy to regale you with stories of the West Coast music scene from sixties to the present day which – given he’s worked with The Grateful Dead, The Doors, The Jefferson Airplane and Steve Miller – shouldn’t be dull. He’s had a very interesting career, as his short bio reveals:

He was greatly influenced by the art and music scenes in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where he spent considerable time in the late 1960s. Masse befriended the Vancouver band, the Collectors, and when they travelled to Los Angeles to make a record, he followed, spending the final years of the 1960s living in the Laurel Canyon area, producing posters and album covers for various bands of the day. His work from this time is highly sought by collectors. Bob’s designs reflect his interest in the art nouveau movement and the work of Alphonse Mucha in particular. While he employs many of the techniques of that period, his brilliant colour palette, unique lettering style, and bold composition give his art a signature look. As rock concert art began to enjoy a surge in popularity duing the 90s, Masse returned to the medium with renewed force, producing a steady stream of posters for the first time since the 1970s.

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