Art: AGO First Thursdays + #randomactsofnxne


It’s June 6th. While we could complain about the weather, there’s two other things we should point out:

  • NXNE is only four days away
  • It’s the Thursday in June – which means it’s First Thursdays at the AGO

NXNE, in special partnership with the AGO, will be helping out with this particular First Thursdays. Artists Brendan de Montigny and Nataliya Petkova will be on hand.

Quebecois artist de Montigny will morph into a machine for his performance piece I Am Learning. As a “human printer,” he’ll generate unique images via public interaction. You can see him tonight at the AGO and during NXNE as well. He’ll perform at The Cameron House on Saturday, June 15th at 2 pm.

Petkova’s [x]Tensions features the Bulgarian born artist performing a territorial sound reading. She’ll “read” gallery walls with a device that will reveal and amplify their sonic characteristics.

The AGO will also feature performances by VAG HALEN and Light Fires (whose Regina will become lose the “ina” and pick up the “Gentleman” for an NXNE show on Wednesday, June 12th at The Rivoli.)

Want to go to this AGO First Thursday? Get creative, show us your art (or “art” as the case may be) and check #randomactsofnxne for your chance at passes + VIP tickets to the NXNE Art launch party + wristbands + KIND bars.