Contest: #randomactsofnxne


…and on the seventh day: We got some #randomactsofnxne

#NXNE13 is almost here. A week away, in fact.

For the next seven days, we’re giving away some crucial gear. Like what? T-shirts. Snacks (as in full boxes of full size KIND bars). Our all-time favourite NXNE bag. Oh yes… and maybe some MUNDO COMBO PASSES and FIELD TRIP / NXNE WRISTBAND BUNDLES. Not to mention upgrades from regular wristbands to PRIORITY passes for those of you earlybirds who were smart and went for it when the going was, well, discounted.

How Does It Work?

Simple – all you need to do is tweet, Instagram, Tumblr, or otherwise answer our daily “challenge.” You can also send us a link to a post on another creating/social media site like Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr – anything that does the trick. Don’t forget to follow us @nxne + tag your Instagram or END your tweet with #randomactsofnxne + @nxne. Bonus points for a great twitpic, Instagram or creative presentation? Definitely.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it:

DAY 1 – Which band should be the NXNE poster child? (Don’t forget to tell us why – convince us.)
DAY 2 – Quote a lyric from an Arts & Crafts band that has (or will) play NXNE twice. Up for grabs? A pair of FIELD TRIP PASSES.
DAY 3 – What should happen at every NXNE show? (Think stage-diving, giant balloons popping up, glitter, rubbing elbows with random Arts & Crafts musicians.) Get creative with your answer for a chance at a pair of priority passes.
DAY 4 – Show us your art/”art” on Twitter, Instagram, or whatever. Just tag it (at the end) #randomactsofnxne + @nxne
DAY 5 – Go back in time and think about NXNE’s past. Tweet or Instagram or find any (creative) way to tell us about your favourite, most NXNE of NXNE moments. Up for grabs? A pair of tickets to the opening party + we’ll upgrade two wristbands to two Priority Passes.
DAY 6 – (Sorry, we went on a Field Trip.)
DAY 7 – And on the last day, NXNE gave a pair of Mundo-Combo passes away. How do you get your mitts on them? Show or tweet the best thing that ever happened to you at #NXNE and END the tweet with #randomactsofNXNE + @nxne. Be creative.

Not feeling creative or quite so lucky? That’s okay – pick up your NXNE pass/wristband to enjoy the festival + follow us on twitter @nxne.