Get to Know: J. Joly (NXNEi)

NXNEi Presentation: CineCoup: the trials and tribulations of launching a disruptive film start-up

Who J. Joly – digitally driven grassroots film mogul
What Visionary behind CineCoup
Where Toronto + silver screens everywhere
Why His vision motivated him to leave his own digital marketing agency dimeRocker behind and set out to radically change the way films are made. CineCoup is the beautiful, brazen result: a ‘disruptive indie film incubator’ driving new indie distribution in Canada. The movie industry could use more people like J. Joly.
Three Facts
1. Earned his film chops working in Toronto, directing of award-winning shorts, and as stage manager at Just for Laughs.
2. Earned his interactive chops as founder of dimeRocker media, a finalist for “Best New Media Technology” at the 2010 CNMA Awards.
3. Earned his music chops as founder of a recording group who toured with Primus, Wilco, and The Tragically Hip.
What to Watch

1. J. Joly introduces CineCoup and the first Mission

2. And if you’re interested in CineCoup specifically: CineCoup Film Accelerator Explanation

The Scoop on CineCoup

What’s the CineCoup ‘prize’? Through social feedback, 10 indie film projects get optioned for development, then ONE is selected for up to $1M in financing plus guaranteed release in Cineplex for January 2014.

But the real reason you should be at J. Joly’s presentation, CineCoup: The trials and tribulations of launching a disruptive film start-up?

J. Joly is an actual visionary: a guy who saw a problem, thought of a solution, and founded a viable way to get ‘er done. And he’s going to help you ‘flex your influence’ to give indie movies the funding and distribution they deserve.

More on his presentation:

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Photo by Mathew Smith.