Ahoy Mateys, free boat shuttle from Harbourfront to NXNE Port Lands fest


It just got even easier to get to NXNE’s Port Lands music festival site 51 Commissioners St. this Friday and Saturday, June 17 -18. Sure you can bike and take advantage of our free Bike Valet service, drive because there’s plenty of parking, walk, cab or Uber but now you can boat to the Port Lands — for free.

Gotta repeat that’s free boat rides to NXNE Port Lands and back throughout the entire festival leaving from downtown. Boats will be leaving the Harbourfront area from noon until 11 pm both festival days on the hour and will be sailing back from the Port Lands on the half hour from 12:30 until 11:30 pm. How cool is that? And you don’t even have to have your ticket yet. You can take the boat ride and then buy tickets at the gate. The boats moor literally steps from our amazing festival site.

Friday, sail on the Ste. Marie 1 from a dock just beside the Harbourfront live music stage, Saturday you’ll be heading to sea on the Shipsands from a dock right by the lakeside beaver tails stand, on the east side of Queen’s Quay.

How are we doing this? Our good friends at Gotbud.com, Juju Joints and the Marijuana Information Bureau (MIB) thought NXNE festival goers needed a nice dose of sea air before heading into the festival and an invigorating sail home after the fun.

And their benevolence doesn’t stop there. In recognition of the recent, unfortunate crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries, the first 1,000 card-holding medical marijuana patients who show up Friday to ride the St. Marie 1 at the Harbourfront dock will receive a free, two-day NXNE Port Lands festival pass.

So we’ll say it one more time, 100 per cent free boats rides from Harbourfront to NXNE Port Lands fest and back again, both days and nights of the festival.

You have to be 19 plus to join our festival crew. Humming of the Gilligan’s Island theme song will be tolerated but not encouraged. See at you at sea Mateys.