NXNE Port Lands with Schoolboy Q at NXNE 2016

Thanks for making NXNE Land 2016 a major success!

NXNE Port Lans with Schoolboy Q

NXNE Port Lands with Schoolboy Q

Thanks to all of the fans, artists, sponsors, staff, volunteers, media and so many more for making this year’s NXNE such a huge success. You came with us to NXNE Land. Over 8,000 people came to NXNE Port Lands for two days of amazing music and fun.

Ghostface Killah, Wu Tang, Wu Tang

Ghostface Killah, Wu Tang, Wu Tang

We’ve learned a lot launching this brand new venue, with it’s stunning views and we are already working to make Port Lands 2017 an even better experience. Two days of fantastic music with artists on the rise and bonafide legends. Father John Misty’s possessed set was the perfect end to an auspicious NXNE debut in the Port Lands.


Club Land was rammed with many performances that are already filed in the legendary category. We want to see Kamasi Washington again right now, and if King Khan and the Shrines were playing in Toronto tonight, we’d be there. So many great club shows.

It was cool to still pack thousands of people into Yonge Dundas Square, but this time, not just for great bands but a movie and video games, both retro and cutting edge.

Down the road at Future Land, NXNE re-booted its conference to include the world of gaming and how it intersects with music and interactive. The day got off to a stunning start with Atari — and Chuck. E Cheese — founder Nolan Bushnell. If you weren’t inspired by this challenging, frank and funny speech, you better check for a pulse. And the entire day was rich wth ideas, connection and opportunity. It was great to work wth the folks at forward-thinking Ryerson University on this one.

It’s been a big year of change and expansion at NXNE and we thank you all for joining us in NXNE Land. Can’t wait to build on this year’s growth for an even better NXNE in 2017. Thanks for taking a trip to NXNE Land with us.