NXNE Art: We’re bringing together influential creators who are transforming their surroundings and the urban experience. NXNE 2014 saw Art take its focus on the future of Toronto, situating itself against the backdrop of unprecedented construction and growth. Highlights included the NXNE Art Lounge – an expansive space hosting provocative installations by top artists, technologists, and architects – and Urban Takeovers, where well-trafficked and found spaces hosted local and international artists and their highly visible, disruptive installations. It transformed pedestrian experiences, revitalized lost space, brought life to alleyways, and brought forward public engagement rooted in art.

The 21st annual NXNE runs June 17-21, 2015. Details coming soon.

NXNE ART is produced by Hermann & Audrey

Mural by Juliana Neufeld / Photo by Jen Schenkel