It’s been five years of NXNE Comedy (two if you’re the type of person concerned with “official streams” … but you’re not, so let’s go with five) and it’s only going to get funnier.

NXNE runs June 13-22, 2014. To get in on all the hilarity, grab the NXNE Platinum Badge or Comedy Wristband.

Past comedians include: Big Jay Oakerson, Precious Chong, Greg Behrendt, Egg Zeppelin, Kristeen von Hagen, Arthur simeon, Gilson Lubin, members of Picnicface, Todd Graham, Punk’d's Rob Pue, Strip Comedy, Debra Digiovanni, Mark DeBonis, The Boom, Garrett Jamieson, Tim Nasiopoulos, K Trevor Wilson, Monty Scott, Keith Pedro, Rick and Chuck, Barry Taylor, Trevor Boris, Ryan Belleville, Alex Pavone, Don Pare, Aaron Berg, Magnus Betner, The Dick Mime, Steph Tolev, Ladystache, Trixx, Rebecca Kohler, Christina Walkinshaw, Darren Frost, Jon Steinberg, Bryan Hatt, Eddie Della Siepe, Hunter Collins, and a whole lot more.


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