Future Land, Interactive Conference

NXNE Interactive conference
TORONTO | June 15, 2016
The Rule Breakers, the Visionaries, and the Best Minds in Gaming and Music.
One day. In the heart of the Six, cohosted by Ryerson University.
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Future Land happens once a year.
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One Day Conference

Wednesday June 15

Lunch + Networking Reception


Ryerson University:

Ted Rogers School of Management


  • The Founding Father of Modern Gaming: From founding Atari to the future of gaming and education
    Meet the man who started it all. Nolan Bushnell, founder of the video game industry introduced videogames to the masses with “Pong” as well as the home videogame console with ATARI. Mr. Bushnell was Steve Jobs first and only boss when he worked at ATARI and was described as one of the most important mentors and influencers in Steve’s Life. Nolan will share his insights and behind the scenes stories of his iconic journey and talk about what it takes to find and nurture creative people to drive gaming into the future.
  • The Art of Sound and Music: Music and Gaming

    Audio Director Richie Nieto from Ubisoft will showcase the scoring and audio design innovation happening in several of his projects including Splinter Cell Blacklist and Assassin’s Creed Unity. He will be joined in conversation by legendary LA based composer and musician Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace), indie game musician Maggie McLean, and the Canadian musician behind the music Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Blad and Soul, Graeme Cornies (Voodoo Highway Music & Post). Format: Showcase and Panel with Q&A Hosted by: Steve Erlich - Ryerson

  • The Making of an Indie Hit – Loud on Planet X and The Severed

    Join Tanya Van Luven from POP Sandbox, as she showcases hit game Loud on Planet X and Augusto Quijano from Drink Box Studios and their game Severed as they discuss the journey to bring it to market. Joining the discussion to bring insight into the collaboration between indie game makers and musicians will be Canadian rapper and the former Poet Laureate for Edmonton, Cadence Weapon. OMDC will discuss how the company was able use available funding to get to market. Format: Panel with Q & A, Moderator: OMDC

  • Master Class in Storytelling and Game Development: Narrative open world from The Division

    Master game storyteller and senior writer behind the division, Navid Khavari from Ubisoft and indie game writer Kaitlyn Tremblay from That Monster Games as they discuss narrative creation and character development in assumed versus explicit narrative games. Format: Discussion with Q&A

  • VR Future Session: Is Virtual Reality the new frontier for gaming and music?

    From the future of music videos & live concerts to immersive and educational gaming, will VR be able to drive the level of user adoption necessary to go from mind blowing novelty act to a long term revenue generating king.

    Join Saša Marinkovic, Head of VR Software Marketing at AMD, Henry Faber, from GAMMA SPACE Collaborative Studio as they showcase the power of VR and the future of the industry. Hosted by Richard Lachman, Ryerson University, Format: Panel with Q & A

  • Designing the Future: The next big thing starts here.

    Hosted by Ramona Pringle from Ryerson University, join a diverse collection of the industry’s best and brightest who will share their secrets and industry insights designed to encourage, support and challenge today’s creators, and entrepreneurs.  She will be joined in conversation with gaming entrepreneur Albert Lai, Big Viking Games; Shaharris, the mastermind behind social hackathons and tech community builder Hackersnest, Jennie Faber, founder of incubator Dames Making Games, aimed at making gaming an inclusive environment for all; and Heather Steele, Communications Director at Ubisoft.

  • Designing The Future 2 | Cocktails & Experts Mixer

    Sign up for a  ‘speed date’ session where you can chat one on one with, Industry experts, our panelists and entrepreneurs about your individual challenges, brainstorm possible solutions, learn about how the latest technologies apply and get plugged in to the right communities and key influencers. Hosted by Ramona Pringle

The VR Mind Bender | Test Drive the HTC Vive by AMD & HTC

HTC and AMD will be showcasing the latest in mind bending VR. Get to the conference early to sign up for your personal 10 min VR hands on experience. The demo experience will be running all day and through the reception.

Conference Agenda

8:30AM - 9:00AM Registration
9:35AM Ryerson and NXNE Welcome
NXNE's relationship with FCAD and the role relationships like this play in building Toronto's reputation as a cultural and arts destination.
Charles Falzon, Dean - Ryerson University, Faculty of Communication and Design
9:40AM - 9:45AM NXNE Interactive Introduction Michael Hollett - Cofounder and President of NXNE
9:45AM - 10:00AM AMD Intro Steven Gans/AMD
10:00AM - 11:00AM ICON session Nolan Bushnell - Atari
11:00AM - 11:10AM Break
11:10AM - 12:10PM The Art of Sound and Music Steve Ehrlick/Ryerson - MODERATOR
Richie Nieto/Ubisoft
Maggie Mclean
Rich Vreeland/Disasterpeace
Graeme Cornies/Voodhoo Highway
12:10PM - 1:00PM LUNCH
1:00PM - 1:50PM Indie Showcase - Case Studies, Loud on Planet X and The Severed Kim Gibson/OMDC
Monica Szenteszky/OMDC
Cadence Weapon/Rollie Pemberton
Augusto Quijano/Drink Box Studios-Severed
Alex Jensen/Pop Sand Box - Loud on Planet X
Tanya Van Luven/Pop Sand Box - Loud on Planet X
1:50PM - 2:00PM Break
2:00PM - 3:00PM VR is the new frontier Richard Lachman/Ryerson - MODERATOR
Sasa Marinkovic/AMD
Henry Faber/Bento Miso
3:00PM - 3:10PM Break
3:10PM - 4:00PM Master Class in Storytelling and Game Development Jennifer Waters - Moderator
Kaitlin Tremblay/That Monster Games
Navid Khavari/Ubisoft/The Division
4:00PM - 4:10PM Break
4:10PM - 4:20PM Designing the Future Introduction Mayor John Tory
4:20PM - 5:20PM Designing the Future Ramona Pringle/Ryerson - MODERATOR
Albert Lai/Big Viking
Heather Steele/Ubisoft
Jennie Faber/Dames Making Games
5:30PM - 6:00PM Designing the Future - Part 2
Informally Formal Networking
Sasa Marinkovic/AMD
Henry Faber/Bento Miso
Navid Khavari/Ubisoft/The Division
Kim Gibson & Monica szensky/OMDC
Ramona Pringle/Ryerson
Cadence Weapon/Rollie Pemberton
Rich Vreeland/Disaster Peace
Augusto Quijano - Drink Box Studios/Severed
Tanya Van Luven - Pop Sand Box/ Loud on Planet X