NXNE Interactive 2014 – June 17-21, 2014


NXNE Interactive 2014: We’re talking big ideas with bright, innovative thinkers. NXNEi panels, presentations, and keynote addresses open the doors of discourse on technology, music, and cultural trendsetting. It’s your opportunity to hear from the best in the business about interesting, relevant topics and gain valuable insight on their experiences developing and progressing these ideas.


NXNEi 2014 Topics


Big industry names share firsthand accounts of growing both their personal brand and the names and artists they represent. Featured speakers include people responsible for the success of brands and labels such as OVO and Arts & Crafts; representative of artists such as Eminem, A$AP Rocky, and Ryan Hemsworth; and journalists from Pitchfork, Noisey, and VICE who are shaping music culture as we know it.

Oliver El-Khatib • Paul Rosenberg • Geno Sims • Yoni Bloch • Jeffrey Remedios • Chris Taylor • Chris Kaskie • Matthew Langille • KP Swazy • Trevor Silmser • Craig Mannix • Scott Perry • Drew Millard • Ernest Baker • Patrick McGuire

Hear from the innovators with the big ideas and the determination to follow-through on them.

Suroosh Alvi • Mike Rugnetta • Evan Roth • Gwenaël Le Bodic

When the norm isn’t good enough, these smart thinkers know how and when to shake things up and push for change.

Marc Maron • Ricken Patel • Cindy Gallop • Victoria Taylor • Sanjay Singhal • Brian Knappenberger • Erik Schechter • Ujwal Arkalgud • Brian Cugelman

Deep thoughts on important issues impacting society, culture, and the world at large.

Adam Garone • Steve Anderson • Simon Black

Where there’s a will, there’s a way — but first you need a good idea to make it all worthwhile.

Ryan & Hays Holladay • Kestrin Pantera • Liam Oscar Thurston • Pablo Vio • Matthew Milan • Shane Williamson • Alex Bozikovic

More Interactive speakers TBA. Find the announced list of NXNEi 2014 speakers here.


NXNEi 2014 Keynote Addresses

  • NXNEi will present the politically and intellectually charged Actor/Comedian/Writer & Podcaster Marc Maron as a keynote speaker. An icon of comedy, he hosts the WTF with Marc Maron Podcast, receiving about two-and-a-half to three million downloads a month and called the number one comedy podcast by LA Weekly and The AV Club.
  • Oliver El-Khatib is the founder of October’s Very Own and the co-manager of Drake. As one of the most influential people in music, El-Khatib will give a rare glimpse into developing and growing the hugely successful OVO brand. Consider this a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hear from El-Khatib about the value of hard work and his efforts to grow Toronto’s image on a global scale.
  • Paul Rosenberg has played a huge role in Eminem’s success, helping to shape the Detroit rapper’s career since coming on board with him in 1997 and launching Shady Records in 1999. Rosenberg is also the CEO of Goliath Artists Management and a partner at Deckstar. At NXNE Interactive, he’ll be interviewed about his work with artists (which also includes representing acts like Action Bronson, Danny Brown, and Blink-182) and about his career as a music manager.
  • Ricken Patel is the founding president and executive director of, a network launched in 2007 with the democratic mission of “organizing citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.” As a force for change, over 34 million people in all 194 countries are subscribed to Avaaz, making it the world’s largest online activist community. The result is a global web movement of people-powered politics and decision makers tackling global, regional, and national issues.
  • Suroosh Alvi co-founded VICE Media. Launched as a punk magazine in 1994, VICE has since grown into online video, television production, book publishing, creative services, and a record label.
  • Chris Kaskie is the president of Pitchfork – a site that receives more than 500,000 visits a day and was called one of the world’s 50 best websites by Time – Kaskie has overseen the company’s day-to-day operations and development. Since taking the helm in 2004, Pitchfork’s growth in music criticism, its influence, and its expansion – see: the Pitchfork Music Festivals in Chicago and Paris,, the newly announced print publication The Pitchfork Review, and the Pitchfork-inspired film site The Dissolve – are just a few of Kaskie’s successes at the helm.


Why Attend NXNEi?

Whether it’s huge ideas, a grassroots movement, or speakers who have dedicated their careers and lives to developing their innovations, NXNEi is your opportunity to hear from bright minds on far-reaching topics.

NXNE Interactive is also your opportunity for valuable networking opportunities. You’ll be meeting future collaborators and clients at our talks, networking events, and parties.

We would tell you there’s a topic for whatever you’re interested in – but we also want you to know it goes beyond that and that you’ll be able to explore these topics on a broad scale. They’re designed and curated to inspire your creatively, motivate your business, and engage you in discussion. With a range of presentations, panels, and keynote addresses, consider it your chance to hear from and join in with the best.


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