The NXNE End-Of-Year Canadian Top 60 Tip Sheet

It's that time of year: the time of year for lists. And what music nerd doesn't love a good list, any time of year? In keeping with the season, we at NXNE HQ have compiled our list of the Top 60 Canadian artists from the 2014 festival and settled on a name: ...wait for it... "The NXNE End-of-Year Canadian Top 60 Tip Sheet."

The Tip Sheet is a curated roll-call of the top 60 Canadian artists that played the most recent NXNE festival this past June. You'll be familiar with some of the names on this list; others will be a discovery - something like actually being at the festival, come to think of it.

Our E-o-Y Tip Sheet is generously supported by Bell Media inc. (formerly Astral Media Radio) and was originally designed as a private list issued to national radio programmers and related industry. (That's why you'll notice it's sectioned into four radio-ready genres - believe us, we resist categorizing artists as much as anyone!) Anyway, this year we've decided to share our recommendations on this public microsite.

Have a look around, stream some music, read a bio, and move on to the next one... It's fun. Enjoy!


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